Inside Play for a Snow Day

Tomorrow just might be a snow day for some of you.

I don’t have to worry about that. My kids don’t ride a bus. They don’t go off to school. They just stay home for school (I love that).

Every snow day I see moms posting about how they are being driven crazy by their kids who were underfoot all day. I hear that they have bored kids that make messes, whine and then complain again about how bored they are, then make more messes while  fighting all day with their siblings seemingly driving their mommies up a wall or into a padded room somewhere.

So I got to thinking, “what can you do on a snow day?”  Something easy that takes no prep time but will keep the masses happy and busy. Something that has kept mine busy and playing within their imaginations for long (well long for short attention snap having children) stretches.

Paper Snow Flakes …DSC_0739

The kids and I made the ones in the picture above  a few months back. Look at them closely and you might  find some made of a ballerinas up there.

I remembered how fun these little beauties were to make when I was in school so I looked them up, refreshed my memory, and we made a blizzard! I didn’t need anything we did not already have in the house. It just required some paper and scissors. It was EASY.

Once I taught them how to fold the paper, where to cut and where not to cut , I kid you not, they made them for days. Not only that but  this is one of the go to crafts for a few of tmy little one that helps  to quell their boredom, no coaching needed.

There will be a snow drift or two under the table when they are through but its paper. It sweeps.Cleaning the mess gives  them something else to do for five minutes (bonus).

Check out this link for an easy step by step-

Oh… Not enough paper in the house? Try coffee filters or cupcake wrappers you have in the cabinet. I find  they actually fold more easily into the cone shape needed to cut out these cute little crafts than paper.That of course makes less work for Mom and more the kids can do for themselves. Then everyone wins. No one whines!

Happy Snipping .

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